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From the President/CEO

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Identity Theft

Protect Your Identity - Important Security Notice

Metro North Federal Credit Union will never email or telephone you requesting your personal or account information.
Protect yourself against fraud; never provide personal or financial information such as Check or credit card numbers, PINs, Social Security numbers or passwords to unsolicited phone, email or pop-up web site requests. Be sure to check your account information regularly for possible unauthorized transactions. Virtual Branch, our online banking system, is available any time and any where there is Internet access.
Be Identity Smart!
Protect yourself from the increasing threat of identity theft and identity fraud. Criminals and fraud artists are perpetually looking for new ways to scam you out of your hard-earned money and reputation.

By using common sense and following a few simple security precautions, you can lower your risk of being a victim of this very personal crime.

Identity Theft

When a criminal uses another individual’s personal information to “become” that person, it is known as Identity Theft. It can involve more than the theft or misuse of a Social Security Number. It may also involve credit card and other types of fraud.


What should you do?

Act immediately to minimize the danger to your personal information, including but not limited to, personal funds and financial accounts.

Close all compromised accounts that have been established fraudulently in your name.

Contact the three major credit bureaus:

If you are a victim, and the US Mail is involved, contact the nearest US Postal Inspector’s office. Contact your local law enforcement agency.

If your Social Security Number was used fraudulently, contact the Social Security Administration at 800.269.0271.

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if another driver’s license was issued in your name.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 877.ID.THEFT (438.4338) or visit their web site. If any Metro North Federal Credit Union accounts are believed to be compromised, call 904-757-5562.


Protect Yourself

It is not always possible to secure your personal information 100% of the time. However, if you ask yourself these questions and incorporate the following helpful tips, you may greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim.


When is the last time I reviewed my credit report?
You should, at a minimum, review your credit report once a year from each of the three credit bureaus. An alternative is to order one report from one of the credit bureaus every 4th month, thus covering all over a one year period.


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Patriot Act Statement

Important Information About Procedures for Opening a New Account with Metro North Federal Credit Union

Membership Eligibility and Future Services- To open or maintain any account(s) or service(s) with us, you must qualify for membership and deposit and maintain the par value of the required shares as provided by the Credit Union’s Bylaws and Charter. To verify your eligibility for any account(s), service(s), or loan products, now and in the future, you authorize us to make inquiry to determine your employment history and to obtain information concerning any accounts with other institutions and your credit history, including consumer credit reports. You agree that this authority applies to any account, account-related service, loans or other financial products you request or which we may offer or make available to you. We may also report information concerning your account(s) and credit to others.

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, and record information that identifies each person who opens a account.

What this means for you: When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to further identify you. We may also request a copy of your driver’s license or other identifying documents, to complete your application.



Information Current Repossessions at Metro North Federal Credit Union

Call Christina or Dan at the Credit Union for more details 1-904-757-5562

CURRENTLY - We do not have any repo's at this time.


Things You Should Know

Metro North Federal Credit Union has been in operation since 1954 for the purpose of encouraging thrift and providing a unique lending service to you, the member.

These are highlighted areas regarding information that is important to you as a member and your account. For more detailed information please ask for your Membership and Account Agreement brochure.

Overdraft - Nonsufficient Funds - In order for the share draft system to have complete
acceptability, Overdrafts must be held to a minimum. If non sufficient funds occur more
than three (3) times within any one month, further permission to use share drafts may be denied.
A $20.00 charge will be assessed for each draft that is non sufficient

Service Charges - You agree to pay all service charges that apply to your account. These charges
are subject to change from time to time. A Schedule of Fees which lists our current service charges. Fees and balance requirements is available at the Credit Union.

Waiver of Rights & Fees - Fees for certain service may be reduced or not charged for statement
cycles in which certain minimum, average or aggregate balance requirements are met, as determined by us from time to time. We reserve the right to waive the enforcement of any of the terms of this Agreement with you with respect to any transaction or series of transactions. However, any such waiver will not affect our right to enforce any of our rights with respect to later transactions with you. The fact that we, on any given occasion, may enforce or waive our rights does not obligate us to enforce or waive similar rights in the future, nor will this be sufficient to modify the terms and
conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Garnishment or Levy of Account- If any of your accounts are garnished or otherwise subject to levy
by lawful legal action, we will not be liable to you for any such sums as we may be required to pay
because of such a garnishment or levy. If we are not otherwise reimbursed, we may charge such
expenses to your account. Any garnishment or other levy to your account is subject to the Credit
Union's lien and security interest.

Statements - We will send account statements for all accounts. Share draft statement will be mailed monthly and regular share account mailed quarterly. We will mail your statement to the address we have for you in our records, unless you have requested another arrangement in writing.
If any statement is returned to us because of an incorrect address, we may stop sending statements to you. If you have requested us to hold rather than mail your statements, you must call for them promptly. We will destroy statements being held after 90 days. You will be responsible for the same care in reviewing the statements as if they were mailed. You should carefully examine the statement when you receive it. If you feel there is an error on the statement, or that some unauthorized person has withdrawn funds from the account, You should notify us immediately. We will consider the statement to be correct unless we hear from you promptly (within 30 days of mailing date) after receipt of statement. Also, because you, as depositor, are in the best position to discover an unauthorized use of your account by reviewing the statement provided to you, you agree that we will not be liable for paying such items if (a) you did not exercise reasonable care in examining the statement or you have not reported alterations or possible forgeries to us within 10 days of the mailing date of the earliest statement containing these items, or (b) these items were forged so cleverly (as by authorized use of a facsimile machine or otherwise) that the forgery or alteration could not be detected by a reasonable credit union employee.

Stopping Payment - If it has not already been paid, you may ask us to stop payment of a draft drawn on your Share draft account. You must tell us, in writing, the exact amount of the draft, draft number, date of draft, payee and the full account number on which it is drawn for us to be able to enter a stop payment. If the information you give us is not correct, or incomplete, we will not be responsible if we are not able to effect the stop payment. There is a 24 hour waiting period before the stop payment is fully in effect. (Time consideration - business hours.) The Credit Union reserves the right to not accept verbal stop payment requests.

Closing your Account - If you close any account, you are still responsible for paying any service
charges incurred until such time as the balance is $00.00. You agree to pay a dividend penalty if you withdraw any portion or redeem a Term Share Account or IRA account before the maturity date. We have the right to close your account or accounts at any time without advance notice. If account is closed prior to dividend posting, accrued dividends will not be paid to account.


Online Approval

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Your Credit Union is now offering personal loans online. Check out all of the benefits by clicking here:
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Helpful Links

For more information on identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself, visit these helpful web sites:

Loans Page

ATM/Debit Services

Your Credit Union ATM/Debit card is accepted at any location displaying these logos:


To take advantage of 24 hour ATM/Debit access, pick up an application at the credit union; or request one to be mailed to you by calling the credit union at (904) 757-5562.

In this service agreement the words "we", "us" or the "Credit Union" refer to the employees of Metro North Federal Credit Union; the words "you" and "your" refer to the member ( and joint account holder, if any); the words "ATM/Debit Card" will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

ATM/Debit CARD. The ATM/Debit Card is the property of the Credit Union and is subject to revocation at any time. It must be returned upon request. You agree that the ATM/Debit Card issued to you may be impounded automatically by the Credit Union at any automated terminal. you agree that you will be the only one to use the ATM/Debit Card issued to you and that you will not divulge, give or make available to any other person, even the Credit Union employees, your Personal Identification Number(PIN)
either directly or indirectly at any time. This page contains important information. The Metro North Federal Credit Union has on your request issued you, or will issue you, an ATM/Debit Card as a convenience for use in automatic teller machines and other electronic devices. By retaining, using and/or by authorizing another person to use my ATM/Debit Card, I accept and agree to all terms and conditions outlined below and am bound by all rules, regulations, and/or operating procedures of the Credit Union, and I shall be liable for all use of my card concerning this service.

  1. The words "I" , "me" and "my' as used in this agreement mean the cardholder or both if this is a joint account.
  2. An ATM/Debit Card is a debit card, not a credit card. All ATM/Debit Cards are the property of the Credit Union which may, without liability or advanced notice, revoke or limit any or all card use in this agreement. On demand, I will surrender my ATM/Debit Card to the Credit Union. ATM/Debit Card(s) are not transferable.
  3. AUTHORIZATION. I will hold in strict confidence me personal identification number(PIN). I will take reasonable precautions to keep my PIN separate from my ATM/Debit Card and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of my PIN. I acknowledge that the Credit Union will treat each transaction made at any automated terminal involving my ATM/Debit Card and my PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER as having been made or authorized by me. If the account to which the ATM/Debit relates is a joint account, all those transactions will be binding on all parties to the account.
  4. WITHDRAWALS. You will be assigned a daily withdrawal limit. You agree that you will not use your ATM/Debit CARD to withdraw amounts of money in excess of the balance(s) in your account(s), you hereby agree to authorize the Credit Union to debit any of your accounts not so overdrawn and thereby cover your unauthorized withdrawal.
  5. I will notify the Credit Union immediately of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of my ATM/Debit Card and/or my PIN. When the Credit Union reviews this information from me, a partial freeze will be placed on my account immediately and no withdrawals from this account will be permitted by use of the identified ATM/Debit Card and /or PIN. On proper execution of a lost card affidavit and any other document required by the Credit Union, the Credit Union will issue a new ATM/Debit Card and/or PIN.
  6. A receipt issued to you regarding an attempted electronic fund transfer shall be evidence of, but shall not be conclusive evidence of same. (The transfer and/or transaction is subject to collection, verification or with all of the terms and conditions of the accounts being accessed or affected by such attempted transfer and/or transaction).
  7. The Credit Union will not be liable for failure to honor my ATM/Debit Card due to improper use, rejection of my card by an ATM/Debit Network, my bankruptcy or termination of this agreement. The Credit Union shall not be liable for failure to honor my ATM/Debit card because the Credit Union or its agent inadvertently identified my and/or my account by name and/or account number or otherwise,
    on any "Cancellation Bulletin" , Fraud Sheet" , or other written publication, or publishing same orally as being delinquent in arrears, in default, being used without my permission or without the Credit Union's permission, or that the card is stolen, lost, revoked, expired,cancelled, or terminated. The Credit Union will not be liable if circumstances beyond its control (such as fire or flood or other extenuating circumstances ) prevent the transaction(s), despite reasonable precaution, from being completed; or if the Credit Union has because of my default exercised its rights against funds in my account pursuant to a pledge, a right of offset or statutory lien. Transactions made after the close of normal business hours may be posted as of the next business day. the Credit Union will also be excused from liability if I fail to observe the terms and conditions of this Agreement or other account agreements which relate to such "electronic fund transfer".
  8. The number and location of the ATM's is subject to change at any time. If I have an ATM /DebitCard and a PIN, the Credit Union will keep me informed from time to time of the location of ATM's.
  9. I will promptly examine the credit Union's periodic statements of account, and will promptly notify the Credit Union of any errors or irregularities.
  10. I agree to advise the Credit Union promptly in writing of any change of address Mail addressed to me at my address of record with the Credit Union shall be deemed to be properly addressed.
  11. All notices from the Credit Union will be effective from the time the Credit Union gives them to me or mails them to me at the last address the Credit Union has for me in the Credit Union's records. Unless separate notices are required by law, notice given or mailed to one cardholder is effective as to the other cardholder(s).
  12. If I obtain cash from an ATM/Debit or any Network which creates an overdraft in my regular savings account, the overdraft is due and payable the moment I receive it and I agree to pay the full amount to the Credit Union. I also authorize the Credit Union, in such case, to apply from other shares or deposits I may have in the Credit Union such amount as may be necessary to pay such overdraft amount. If the overdraft is created in my Share Draft. (1) a transfer will be made from my regular share savings account to cover the overdraft, in accordance with my Share Draft Account Agreement with the Credit Union.
  13. If the Credit Union has to file a lawsuit to collect what I owe, I will pay the reasonable expenses, including 15% of the amount due as attorney's fees.
  14. I can terminate this Agreement either by closing my designated account(s) or by notifying the Credit Union in writing and no longer using my ATM/Debit Card or PIN at any Network ATM/Debit. If more than one person is authorized to use Credit Union services on my designated accounts, or if the other person has my ATM/Debit Card and PIN, the Credit Union cannot stop that person from making transactions on my account(s) without terminating my ATM/Debit services after I give the Credit Union notice. I remain responsible for any ATM/Debit transactions during this time, subject to any limitations set forth in any governing law. I understand that if this Agreement is terminated by one cardholder as provided herein, the Agreement is terminated as to all.
  15. The Credit Union can also terminate this agreement at any time for any reason and without notice. For instance, the Credit Union may decide to discontinue ATM/Debit privileges for security reasons, or if I do not use my ATM/Debit or PIN within a reasonable length of time, terminate my ATM/Debit privileges for that reason. Any termination of this agreement will not relieve me of any liability under said agreement. Any firm, institution and/or merchant honoring the card has right to retain or request the surrender of any revoked, cancelled or expired card.
  16. AMENDMENT. You acknowledge and agree that this ATM/Debit CARD service agreement for use of your ATM/Debit CARD is subject to change at any time by the Credit Union upon 21 days notice to you. this notice may be given by mail to your last known address as shown by our records.
  17. All the terms and conditions of written Agreement which I have previously made with the Credit Union regarding the use of my Share(Savings) Account(s) or Share Draft Account(s) will apply to all transactions in which my ATM/Debit Card and an ATM/Debit are used, unless any terms of those Agreements conflict with the terms of this Agreement in which case, the terms of this agreement will control.
  18. DISCLOSURE NOTICE. You acknowledge receipt of a copy of this service agreement and a copy of the notice of terms and conditions pursuant to the Federal Electronic transfer Act. Your liability for unauthorized transactions is set forth in this notice. Limitations on our liability are set forth in this notice.
  19. RELATED ACCOUNTS. This agreement will be subject to the agreement and rules and regulations covering the account(s) to which your ATM/Debit Card relates.
  20. SERVICE FEES. By application and/or the use of this ATM/Debit Cards, you shall be subject to service fees in accordance with fee schedule adopted by the Credit Union from time to time. Fees will not be refunded due to cancellation or other reasons.
  21. CONTINUED EFFECTIVENESS. If any terms of this agreement are determined by a governmental authority to be ineffective, the rest will continue in effect. The Credit Union reserves the right to continue with terms and conditions as standard procedures.
  22. This Agreement is made in Florida and its validity, construction, enforcement and all matters arising out of the issuance and use of the card shall be governed by the laws of Florida. The Credit Union may amend this agreement from time to time by giving you 21 days advance written notice of such amendment at your last know address.


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